Cuff Link™$30.00


The Cuff Link keeps the cuffs of your pants away from greasy chains and looks good doing it. Made of vegetable tanned leather and tough canvas, it will outlast everything else in your wardrobe.

  • Look good = feel good
  • No more grease-stained chinos
  • 15.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches wide

"... slap a little veggie tanned leather steez down around the ankle and call it perfect: Portland Design Works’ Cuff Link is leather, canvas, and Velcro. It holds your pants when the butler’s indisposed. In a pinch, it will strap many other things. Apply daily."- Adventure Journal

"Not the pretentious gold cuff links that you wear with your French cuff shirt, these Cuff Links are for your pants. The leather and Velcro cuff links keep the cuff of your pants away from your chain and crankset...And with the vegetable tanned leather, you'll look pretty fashionable the whole time." - Inventor Spot