3wrencho™ (Coated)$25.00



The 3wrencho™ (Coated) is your best buddy when you have a flat. Unlike your other friends the 3wrencho™ is made of heat-treated steel, removes 15mm axle nuts and can pry tires off of rims. Don't worry, its glass-filled nylon coating is gentle on your pristine rims. Feel free to step on 3wrencho™ for added leverage when loosening axle nuts.

Other uses: spread jelly, stir a drink or open a letter.

  • Length: 114mm (4.5")
  • Weight: 95 grams (3.5 oz)

"... if you look in my own personal tool kit, I keep a 3Wrencho. It is handier than the Jethro Tool as a track nut wrench and better than the Soma as a tyre lever, so I could reduce the number of tools I’m carrying while simultaneously improving ergonomics. If you want an utterly dependable tyre lever for your portable tool kit, there is no finer. And if you ride a bike with some sort of fixing nut for the hub, then without a doubt this is your tool." - Bike Hugger

"I used this handy tool on one of my wheels that needed a tire swap. It was a breeze getting my Randonneur off the rim with the lever side. And with the coating, I didn’t notice any wear markings from the procedure....By far the best lever I've used." -Pedal Consumption

"All too often I've gone to use a combo tool and it's designed to do so much, that it in fact does nothing all that well. That's certainly not the case with the 3wrencho. It's simple, utilitarian, comfortable, bombproof, and most importantly- it works great." -Hipster Nascar

"If you have bolt-on wheels, you no longer have an excuse for not being able to change your own flats." -girlbikelove.com