RADBOT™ 1000$30.00



The RADBOT™ 1000 has one directive: to defend you and your bike from rear collisions. It comes equipped with a precision reflector that conforms to strict EU standards and its blazing red eye contains a 1.0 watt Japanese LED to stare down vehicles. This is the same powerful LED used in the brake lights of new cars!

Also, the RADBOT™ 1000 makes a mean cup of coffee. Actually that last part isn't true.

*By popular demand, the new RADBOT™ features a switch that must be held for 1.5 seconds to turn the light on/off. This prevents the RADBOT™ from being accidentally turned on in your pocket or bag when not in use.

  • 1.0 watt red LED made by nichia brand
  • zZz pop, cornea blitz and rock steady modes (30 hours runtime flashing/15 steady)
  • Euro reflector
  • Includes Rack and Stayputnik Mounts
  • Backback clip
  • 2xaaa batteries (included)
  • 62 grams/2.2 ounces
  • 36 x 40 x 82mm

"I am really excited that PDW has made such a radical departure from their product offerings with this light. I can't wait to see how other companies respond. For now, though, the RADBOT 1000 is king. In fact, we hereby declare the RADBOT 1000 is the best bike accessory for under $40..." -Larry Leveen (Oly Bikes)

"A Portland Design Works x Arthur C. Clarke x Stanley Kubrick collabo right here. The Hal 9000 is too big for your bike, so the ingenious minds at PDW shrunk the circuits down to fit on your seatpost. Unfortunately, in doing so they had to 86 the soft voice of Douglas Rain but don't be too upset because the final product is impressive.... expect to be seen for blocks and maybe the cars will mistake you for one of their own, leaving you alone!" -John Prolly

"It's the brightest damn tail light I've seen to date." -Kent Peterson

"The Radbot 1000 is a whimsical take on taillights with a 1-watt red LED blinker and built-in reflector. There are three flash patterns zZz, zZzPOP! (Cornea Blitz) and Rock Steady. We got 40 hours of run time on rechargeable AAA batteries. This little piece of pop art is blindingly bright at its highest settings and looks equally great when clipped to a messenger bag or snapped into a rack, fender or stay." -Bicycling Magazine