Danger Zone™$33.00



When you're navigating streets crawling with unfriendlies, you need a loyal wingman. The Danger Zone™ tail light provides critical mission support with a pair of 0.5 watt LEDs that light up the night like two great balls of fire. Hit the Danger Zone™, and the dark will fly right by.

  • Two 0.5 watt red LEDs made by Nichia brand
  • zZz, a-HA! and rock steady modes
  • New Stayputnik seatpost mount attaches without tools
  • Backpack clip
  • 50 hours run time
  • 2xAAA batteries (included)
  • 57 grams/2.0 ounces (with batteries)
  • 34 x 34 x 71mm
  • Instructions PDF
  • How to open/close video

"Its like carrying a mini-lighthouse...I highly recommend this light." -Pedal Consumption

"The Portland Design Works Danger Zone is their flagship blinkie light, with a pair of half-Watt LEDs preventing anyone behind you from missing your location. It’s a fresh take take on the clamshell, AAA powered blinkie and a step up from what you used last decade." -Urban Velo