Aether Demon™ USB$49.00



The Aether Demon™ tail light is a friendly little devil who wards off approaching vehicles with its winking, blinking, and intensely glaring 0.5 watt LED eye.

You can forget about disposable alkaline batteries, because the Aether Demon™ runs on a lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB port. Plus it's packed with the highest quality parts from Nichia™, Seiko™, and Texas Instruments™.

Check out the weird video we dreamed up for the Aether Demon here.

  • Nichia™ 0.5 watt LED 
  • USB charging Li-ion battery 
  • Texas Instruments™ integrated circuit 
  • 4 modes (run time): Dance (8 hrs), Breathe (8 hrs), Group Ride (175 hrs at 10% power), Rock Steady (3.5 hrs) 
  • 1.5 ounces/45g
  • Includes seatpost, seatstay mounts
  • Instructions PDF

"This little Demon's performance is as exceptional as the cycling facilities in its home town of Portland." -London Cyclist Magazine

"Sometimes, though very rarely, I review a product and all I have to say about it is “it really works.” This light is it." -Bike Shop Girl Blog

"One look straight into this little devil will have your riding companions seeing stars." -Bicycling Magazine