The Payload™$80.00



The Payload™ rack perfectly fuses strength and beauty. Its tough steel tubing sweeps in graceful lines to form an elegant profile and a double-ply bamboo deck finishes the classic look.

The Payload™ rack is also easy to install so you will be pedaling cargo in no time. Rated to 35kgs/77lbs.

  • Deck measures 140x381mm (5.5x15")
  • Height: 368mm (14.5")
  • Weight: 1360g (3lbs)
  • Installation video

"Most bike rack manufacturers are pretty utilitarian in their design, but PDW is employing a more artistic approach with their attractive Payload Rack. With elegant arcing steel tube supports and a replaceable bamboo deck, the Payload stands out." -Adventure Cyclist Magazine

"The Payload's swoopy skeleton and bamboo platform are sturdy (ours held 50 pounds with no problem and PDW says it's rated to 77) but also communicate elegance and a peculiar sense of speed." -Bicycling Magazine