surfs up!

We are a very small company so we end up wearing many, many hats round these parts. Part of what I do here at PDW is surf the internet to see what folks are up to. I guess I'm not looking for anything specific, just watching trends and keeping my finger on the pulse of many things bike related. I've got a pretty good list of sites I check frequently, and I would say that my mind is blown about once a week by something I see. Mainly I seek to be inspired. Working in the bike industry and having bikes be your main interest can sometimes get, uhhh... well it can just get you down a bit. (Imagine working for Baby Ruth and really liking Baby Ruth. It is like that but with less cavities).

But that is where my job is also awesome. It is my job to try to understand the role that bikes play in people's lives, and some days, like when I come across the picture below from the Slumworm blog, well see for yourself. I get pretty stoked! Those two dudes are killing it!

no friends on powder days

If you are out here in the Portland area, you know we've been getting some snow. Well, Portland itself hasn't really gotten any but the mountains just to the east of us have been getting a whole bunch. Erik got up early and checked the ski report: 24 inches of fresh powder. After calling just about everyone he knows who skis, he decided to go it alone and left the office at about 10 am to head to Mt Hood. I told him to send a picture back if he got the chance. Well he just did, and now I wish I either: A.) Skied or B.) Kept my mouth shut.

Have fun out there buddy.

this guy got no respect

Thank you to Lyle over at Cognition for bringing it to my attention that Ram Man never got the credit he deserved. He was probably my favorite Masters Ot The Universe action figure. I'm not sure if Ram Man is becoming the meme of the moment, but I'm glad to see his kind around again.

bike craft coming to the pdw mothership

I put something up on the PDW facebook page the other day, but I wanted to mention it here on the Blog that we are excited to be hosting the 2010 edition of Bike Craft. Please stop by on December 4th and/or 5th and check out the goods! If you love bikes, or love someone who does, there will be something for you at Bike Craft. Plus you can check out our new HQ.

Speaking of our new HQ, we've been putting in some hours over there getting our new offices built out, and we're getting excited about 2011. We've got some big things on tap, so stay tuned. On that note, here is a picture of Erik working on his specialty "upside down hammering". If anyone is really awesome at taping or mudding drywall let us know...

blaq to school

Growing up one of the best things about the fall was the back to school shopping. I went to a school where we wore uniforms (light blue button up shirt, dark blue pants) so new clothes were not something I got too hyped about, but just about every year we got to pick out a new Trapper Keeper, pencil case and a book bag. I'm pretty sure that tradition has played into me being such a bag junkie. (Working in the bike industry for the last 13 years has only served to compound the addiction.)

I can recall walking into The Bivoac in Ann Arbor, Michigan in about 1995 to order a custom Timbuk 2 bag. I wanted to go with the bag they had called Tag Junkie, but just couldn't get the cash together and ended up getting the next largest messenger bag they had. In 2000 I ruined my left shoulder and switched from messenger bags to backpacks which have allowed me to carry quite a bit more weight. Since then I've had a sucession of bags that include offerings from Mountainsmith, Vaude, Soma, and a couple different ones from Chrome.

Up until recently I was saving up my pennies for a Mission Workshop Vandal, but then the gentlemen from Blaq Designs moved into the Tin Shed. During an after hours beer drinking session, we decided to have them crank out a PDW/Blaq version of their Blaq Pack. About an hour ago Paul told Erik the bags were done, so we rolled over there on lunch and picked them up. Wow, these bags are huge! Every detail is well thought out and executed beautifully. If you are in the market for a new bag (or some toe straps) check out what these guys are working on. I'm looking forward to the next time I have to live out of a bag for a few days. Thanks guys!


mach schnell!

The Mach Schnell Goggle has arrived. What is the Mach Schnell Goggle you ask? Well this should tell you everything you need to know about them. If you have anything else that needs clarification I'm going to defer you questions to this gentleman:

cross crusade: halloween 2010

It is a common known fact that I love watching cyclocross. Every once and a while, I also like to actually race it. It is true I'm not very fast, but what I lack in speed, I try to make up for in style. I don't always pull it off as well as I think I do, but I've long been a fan of halloween cross races and dressing up. This past weekend, the Cross Crusade hosted a two day feast of all things cyclocross at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds near Astoria, OR. I didn't race Saturday, but kept my costume mostly under wraps and jumped into the Men's B race at the last minute on Sunday. We traded a bottle of tequila to a co-worker of my wife who constructed me a life size ET replica out of brown cardboard. I installed him in a milk crate on the front of the Ahearne Cycle Truck and raced as Elliot. As much as I believed in him, he did not help me fly over any barriers. It was a painful 30 minutes (sadly the race lasted for 45) but from the constant cheering I heard all the way around the course, it sounded like my effort was well recieved. Photographer David Haines captured the pretty sweet shot you see below. Enjoy!