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tally ho, old chap!

Our buddy Djonn sent us a link to this flickr account that dropped the knowledge of the London Fixed-Gear and Single-Speed forum "Tweed Run" on us. The ride went down this last weekend and started on London's famed Sevile Row. It was billed as a 'social ride with a bit of style.' I did some web searching this morning and found the invitation read:

"Proper attire will of course be expected, so dapper gents and elegant ladies, polish off your lugged steel beasts and prepare your best outfits. Suggested attire: wollen plus fours, cycling skirts and perhaps an jaunty cape for the ladies, cravats or ties for the gentlemen and of course a hip flask of brandy."

Wouldn't you know it? Jaunty capes and hip flasks of brandy are two of my favorite things. Too bad this happened in England. Last Saturday. While I was sleeping.

unsold cars

Unsold cars are piling up all over the world. Here is a picture of unsold Nissan vehicles being stored on their test track:

this is a bummer, man

We got a sad email today from Jonny Cycles...the long and the short of it is that he is going to stop making frames. This news came as shock to PDW. We've known Jonny a long time and we're very proud of the things he has accomplished. He is a talented artist and as nice of a guy as you could meet. His frames, with their simple aesthetic and iconic star head badge, are known and respected the world over. We wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.

planes, trains and automobiles (and bikes)

It is getting to be that time of year again where many folks in the bike game start packing a suitcase for the annual sales trip season. While neither one of us is a huge fan of business travel (who is?), it is nice to see places you don't normally see, and meet folks who you only know from email. Erik left yesterday for Canada, so I'm holding down the fort today solo. Before he boarded his plane, he sent me this image of the plane. From the terse sentence that followed the picture, I could tell he wasn't really stoked about the lack of jet engines for props...I'll be heading to the east coast at the end of next month, getting kind of excited to see New York again! Next week it sounds like we're going to take our bikes and grab the train up to Seattle. Maybe we'll see you out there?

friday fantastic.

Seeing pictures of animals riding bikes always blows my mind.  But coming across an obviously edited, quality production film of it is just what I need to get to the weekend. This dog is so crazy!

how to play "linemaster"

Yesterday our friend and distributor in Japan, Teisuke Morimoto, sent us the cool pic below that he shot recently.  He also explained to me how to play the mysterious kirin racing game that you can check out if you go here and click "linemaster."  If you want to give it a shot, here is how:

You can choose 3 types of racers. Green (senkou) is very fast when just starting. Red (makuri) is strong for chasing from outside of bank. Blue(oikomi) is very fast in the last straight.

After you choose a rider, you should check start list. If some red signs are blinking at the bottom, they are from the same area of Japan and will
help each other in the race. You should mark the group. If you are the Blue (oikomi), just stay behind them.

Beginner race is auto play before bell is rung. In the last 1 1/2 laps, you can speed up by hitting the space bar many times.  It's best to stay in a draft as long as possible.



We've been live now for about 48 hours and the sticker requests are rolling in from all over. When I was a kid I can recall trying to get stickers out of the back of magazines...and you'd have to wait FOREVER for them. You know, self-addressed stamped envelopes?
Today someone can read about something on a blog, instantly click through and see what is going on, and fire off a request for stickers all in about 2 minutes. One of my jobs is checking those emails, saying 'What's Up?' to the person emailing, taking down their '20' and sending some vinyl treats. Since we went live, I've sent stuff all over the US and Canada but also to the following:
South Africa
The People's Republic of Texas
Hong Kong

Whoa, the internets, ya'll. The Internets!

couldn't have done it alone

Probably the main reason neither of us could ever leave the bicycle industry is that there are just too many great folks in it, and we'd miss working with them. When we started talking about our own business, several of our friends stepped forward to help. I see their efforts in every aspect of PDW, and from time to time I'm going to mention them here on our weblog.

Leah Stargardter is an artist and a welder who learned to lay a bead while working for Seven Cycles. She moved to Madison with her parter Ahren Rodgers a couple of years ago from Boston and started building frames and really beautiful racks in a space they shared with ZR Cycles and Jonny Cycles. Both Erik and I were into some of the work she did for a bicycle art show last winter, and she offered to let us use some of it. We've incorporated them into our packaging and on the banner images of the website. This pic of her that I got from Jonny's flickr site shows her work space at the shop, and you can see some of her art on the wall behind her. Thanks, Leah!

cog photo annual

Maybe it isn't your thing, but me, I like pictures. I like them a lot. Make those pictures of bikes, or people on bikes, and I'm going to be really into it. Luckily our friends from back in the 'Wisco have laid a beautiful picture book out for us, and I thought I'd share/recommend it with/to you! If you haven't heard of it or seen it, check out the Cog Magazine photo annual. It'll only be around for a little while so get one while you can! And thanks Pete for hooking us up with one!