it's not everyday...

It's not everyday that we come across stories like the following (also it's not everyday that we cite Fox News as a news source--get over it). 

Apparently, in anticipation for a new sneaker release in conjunction with the NBA All Star game, people got real hot and heavy and couldn't wait their turn for some new kicks from Nike. Things got so bad waiting in line for the new Foamposite Galaxy shoes, that riot police were called in and they shut down the whole deal. Unreal. 

whoa lookout people, they're shoes.

If you take the time to watch the video, you'll find an explanation for the madness from someone waiting in line for some shoes (around the 1:11 mark). While these shoes that glow in the dark (and are from space) retail for over $230, they have a supposed 'street value' of nearly $2000. According to some dude, they're totally worth it "For the simple fact that it's a galaxy pack--a foam that never, ever ever ever ever been released [sic]." Unreal.

As a manufacturer of products that we hope other people will perhaps covet and desire, this level of devotion to a brand and new product release is unbelievable. It is totally mindbottling. Imagine our surprise upon learning that a pair of these are here at the PDDubs. Our Mothership-mate showed us a pair when chatting about the work they do for Nike. 

dunk dunk dunk

Now for all you looters and potential cat burglers looking to sneak in and snake yourself a pair of these ultra-rare dunkers, you better check yourself because Olson has already absconded with the only pair off to Taiwan, where he has traded them with a quickness for a brand new speedboat. I don't think he's ever coming back. 

speed boatin' fo' life